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Welcome and Congratulations on your decision to invest in your career!

The VTC is designed to maximize your exposure to the material using a multi-modal approach to learning. Simply put, it allows for the use of multiple senses and access to the same material viewed in different ways.

It is important that you view each presentation and complete the exercises in their entirety. In many cases, these exercises are focused on core knowledge that requires a more in-depth look for one reason: you will see it on the exam.

You have 14 weeks to complete this study program- that equates to two weeks per chapter. Because you have 24 hour, 7 day per week access, you may choose to complete the program in less time. Depending on your test date, this may leave you additional room for a final review.

This program is built as a companion to the textbook. While participants will certainly benefit from this online content as a supplemental study resource to other exam preparation methods, they will miss reinforcements related to text references and will not have access to the publisher content, including practice exams, chapter review tests and digital flashcards.